Chinese supplier for Stretch hood film

Film Memory space Since the film is applied towards the load with tiny pressure, it can normally tense up right after software. This amazing film recollection along with its inclination to tense up following software is definitely the most crucial reason for pre-stretching out film.


Stretch Uniformity Standard stretch film fails to offer standard stretch, so its performance is unknown; this may lead to sporadic weight problems. The overall performance of pre-extended film is much more controllable.

Other Benefits

No size lowering in the course of tensioning minimizes the number of film wraps required and improves efficiency.

Stretch hood film stick makes sure that film tails will remain set up.

Good film quality allows easier examination of packed items.

Excetional load retention offers much better fill suitableness.

It stabilizes misshapen and protruding plenty.

It performs nicely in intense cold.


It facilitates conformity with Packaging Spend restrictions – using much less signifies much less to dispose of.

Most hands-held stretch hood films need to be stretched at the very least 100 to 150 percent to help make the film stiff sufficient to effectively maintain a moving fill. The truth is, operators hardly ever stretch film more than 50 % throughout the place process. A across the country assessment of palm wrapping in actual-lifestyle situations, learned that the average individual expands hands wrap less than 15%.

There are a variety of companies manufacturing pre-stretched stretch film. The business frontrunners are Berry Plastics and SIGMA STRETCH FILM.

Berry Plastic materials

Berry Plastic materials companies a full line of stretch wrap items designed to meet all applications. HW5 is a good performance hands place which uses patent-guarded blending and layering technologies. Delivering both puncture resistance and load containment of the standard 80-determine film, this technologies considerably minimizes hand stretch usage along with overall expense. MP5 is designed for higher-pace gear, and offers 250Percent and greater pre-stretch.


SIGMA STRETCHED will be the company’s latest advancement. Its strengthened edges supply outstanding load-keeping push, damage resistance – and its exceptional pierce resistance holds sides far better on C lots. SIGMA STRETCHED’s light moves and minimum neck straight down interact to reduce user fatigue, allow highest insurance coverage and provide a better yield. The product’s superior clarity and aggressive hang on was created to perform well in a number of surroundings such as sub zero cold storage space apps.

Selecting a Supplier

Not every pre-stretched stretch film is identical. You will want to discover a provider with getting power and packaging experience who knows the drawbacks and benefits of each and every sort and can take the time to decide your exact demands.

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