Coil Wrapping Machine

1. hose wapping machine

We are the  manufacturers, suppliers and exporters of packaging machines with a  great solution related to packaging machinery, packaging tools and packaging materials, the introduction of coil packaging machines, especially designed for packaging equipment through eye packaging. Our expertise in manufacturing packaging machines enables us to provide high-speed coil packers at the competitive cost in the same area. Our coil wrapping machine is the most efficient package for coil object packaging, meeting the prerequisites for higher packaging speeds, minimal space and lower labor costs.packing machines are ideal for wire ropes, coils.

Our coil wrapping machine is best implemented on the entire surface of the coil, the thin layer of paper and fabric. The tight overlap of the packaging material prevents air, dust, moisture and corrosion in the package. Our coil packing machines are ideal for wire ropes, coils and slits.

The main features of the coil packing machine:

Especially the following four points,Such as:

One:  High speed

Two:Perfect finishing

Three:low cost

Four:No corrosion

As a Professional manufacturer of packaging machinery, we are very glad to welcome your custom requirements.

If you have anyquestions, you can contact us. and manufacture the coil packing machine at the best price and assist in determining the machine that best suits your application and budget.