horizontal stretch wrapper
orbital stretch wrapper

First of all, I would like to say hi hoping you are doing well by the time you receive this e-mail.


Second of all, I would like to express my comments on this negotiation on the FPS1000 horizontal stretch wrapper equipment. According to what we need this machine meets our requirements considering the few modifications we need you to implement to cover all our needs.


Nevertheless, I need to talk about my budget. Here it is:


  • $ 38,500.00 USD (Final offer)


This price I express you to consider represents a 4.94% off out of the actual cost you initially provided me with ($ 37,980.00 USD).


In case you accept this proposal we are willing to pay 70% down payment instead of the 40% you first asked us for.


Our group in Mexico is very large we have 32 different facilities all over the country. We would like to know your products and your machines beginning with this stretch wrapping machine FPS1000 and then move forward to quote for the other plants the requirements they all might have on this type of goods.


Please consider this proposal and let us know your comments. Once you notify us your final answer we will proceed with the wire transfer to begin with the purchase.

horizontal stretch wrapper
orbital stretch wrapper

Any additional questions please let me know and  do not hesitate to contact me.


Waiting on your comments.


Automatic PET strapping machine  SUPPLIER for handling the pallet and heavy load