Stretch film wrapping machine’s development

Within the last couple of years, domestic stretch film wrapping machinery market is in a condition of backward, import, copy and behind. Our packaging machine mainly depends on import and imitation of foreign equipment. On this trend, there remain two major problems of stretch film wrapping machine:

First of all, stretch wrapping machine is extremely wide use by every industry, but it’s restricted to manufacturers’ development level and engineering techniques. Actually, the developing lines are imperfect. Because of technical level, the complete set of equipment formed into a fully automatic packing line is not adequate enough. The integral abilities are restricted. The semi-auto machine develops very well, however the set of packing equipment is not perfect, which results in bad performance from the whole production line. Due to the lack of fully auto packing system, manual operation still takes up the main stream in packaing industry. And it will affect the efficiency the development of packing industry in some way.

Next, the greatest problems of our national stretch film wrapping machinery industry are facing poor research innovation and development. You will find a couple of stretch wrapping machinery manufacturers possessing independent innovation ability and few enterprise is the owner of advanced worldwide core independent intellectual property rights. However, several factors triggered this problem. And the most key factor is how to access the technical research.

Stretch film wrapping machine needs to form an idea that’s developing science since it’s core competition. To expand packaging industry, customer need is in the first place. To reach their packing goal will promote the development of packing industry. Stretch film wrapper must always hold the need for the marketplace; positively create own core competition.

With independent research and development, Shanghai Jinglin Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd is seeking our path to develop our packaging equipment relying on our own R& D. With years of engineering experience, we have produced hundreds and thousands of stretch wrapping machines and some unmanned auto packing line including STEEL/COPPER COIL PACKING LINE, PVC/PPR PIPE PACKING LINE, PALLET PACKING LINE, etc. We have ability to provide you packing solution as per your product specification and packing requirement.

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  1. I am considering a career for a stretch wrapping company. I figured the more I knew about this type of industry, the better prepared I will be for a job interview. I didn’t realize that wrapping machines are widely used by every industry, but that it’s restricted to manufacturers’ development level and engineering techniques. Thanks for sharing this!

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