The application of pallet stretch film wrapping machine

Packaging machine are widely used in various industries, pallet wrapping machine can pack the palletized goods through rotating turntable.

Pallet wrapping machine is fit for packing multiple small assembled goods. The applicability of powerful wrapping machine for packaging industry is more and more convenient.

Pallet wrapping machine is in the application of packaging small goods or multiple small palletized goods. And top platen can press down the top of pallet to avoid shaking or moving around when running. What is more, the load height and weight can be customized. At the same time, the film carriage system has two different options for choosing. One is pre-stretch type; the other is standard type (no pre-stretch). Pallet stretch wrapper can improve the packing efficiency, reduce the loss in the process of transportation; has the advantages of dustproof, moisture, reduce the packaging cost; which is the ideal choice of the factory packaging. The basic features are safe and convenient, PLC and inverter control, and adjustable overlapping ratio, up/down wrap.

Pallet stretch film wrapping machine can protect the goods instantly falling down with soft start and stop function. The film can protect the goods perfectly. To strengthen a part of the pallet makes the package more perfect. Film tension is adjustable according to your needs. Turntable reset is to ensure accurate positioning for moving the package. Photoelectric sensor checks the pallet height automatically. Wrapping layers are easy to adjust for top/middle/bottom wrap. Safe and reliable protection, simple maintenance and easy operation are the key characteristics of the pallet wrapping machine.

The application of pallet stretch film wrapping machine is applying all kinds of supplies, and the machine greatly enhances the practicability. It is always the first choice of many factories in wrapping needs.