The development of packaging machine-Shjlpack Stretch Wrapping Machine in China

Shjlpack is specialized in producing stretch wrapping machine that is also called stretch wrapper. Stretch wrapping machine have been developed rapidly in China. Many leading enterprises like shjlpack are developing in this trend. The output of packaging equipment has grown up to 30 billion yuan by far, and the import is much lower about 1billion dollars. In view of industry of stretch wrapper , it has become a main industry in national economy by offering technology for all lines. With absorbing the newest foreign technology and self independent innovation, stretch wrapping machinery industry becomes stronger and stronger.

With the development of packaging machinery industry, the manufacturer of stretch wrapping machine has sprung up rapidly. The status of these manufacturers is not so stable. Some of them may switch to other industries or go bankruptcy each year, meanwhile, there are many new enterprises entering this field. It suggests that the great prospect of our Chinese stretch wrapping machine. The great demand and fierce competition will bring the rapid development of stretch wrapper in China.

Stretch wrapping machine has already become one of the top ten industries in the mechanical industry in China due to its increasing development. This fast development can not be separated from R&D, science and technology. According to the expert, the annual rate of the demand of packaging machine is approximate 5.3%. The output value of packaging industry is expected to reach 1trillion RMB by the end of 2015. The stretch wrapping machine in China does not only concentrate on semi-auto machine, but also automatic packing line including photo-mechanical-electronic integration, automation. We have made a great progress in producing steel coil wrapping machine, wire coil wrapping machine, orbital stretch wrapping machine, food packaging machine, and packing material, etc.

Shjlpack stands for Shanghai Jinglin Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd is founded in 1998, who has been in producing packaging equipment with more than 16 years of experience. Shjlpack is an outstanding manufacturer in manufacturing various kinds of stretch wrapper from semi-auto machine to automatic packing line. We have already gained a great reputation from our final users at home and aboard. Our products have covered every industry, such as metallurgy, logistics, food and beverage, plastic and tuber, wood and glass.

Shjlpack stretch wrapping machine are mainly for wrapping coil products including steel coil/wire coil/cooper coil/aluminum coil/pipe coil/hose coil, long and straight products and pallets, for example pipe, profile, timber, boxes, door; pallets and some other custom-built equipments. We are able to meet your packing requirements by our inexhaustible efforts.